Most of the time in monster stat.

Piercer is an aggressive damage-dealing feat that can buff your numbers.

Weapons. This does work for martial weapons such as flails or warhammers.

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Dexterity is a measure of a character’s nimbleness and agility, muscular coordination, and balance.

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Amulet of Health.

Warlock. . Artwork by David Revoy / CC 3.

They are an excellent option for characters with high DEX scores, as they allow you to use your DEX modifier for attack and damage rolls instead of STR. Instead, firearms have a fixed damage die listed in their description (e.

This does work for martial weapons such as flails or warhammers.

D6, finesse, light, martial.

. Battleaxe.

Compendium - Sources->Dungeons & Dragons vs. Apr 20, 2021 · For a classic barbarian feel, the Half-Orc and the Mountain Dwarf are good choices.

A full list of playable DnD 5e races (or species), from graceful Half-Elf to horned Tiefling - complete with traits, subraces, and best classes.
Once it hits a target, the ammunition is no longer magical.
+1 Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, learn misty step and another 1st level spell.


The mass may not be far greater than the shorter swords, but the balance is different, thanks to the longer blade.

Weapons with the thrown property use the same stat as they. Weapons with the finesse property use either your STR or your DEX modifier -- your choice. Moved to martial melee weapons.

A yklwa consists of a 3-foot wooden shaft with a steel or stone blade up to 18 inches. . . Dragon. . It is probably far from optimal, however.

Sep 26, 2015 · Strength for melee, most of the time.

Fey Touched. For a durable barbarian, the Goliath and the Yuan-Ti are great choices.


Teleportation, Buff, Racial Feat.

Most finesse weapons also lack the properties that some of the more powerful 5e weapons have, such as Reach and Heavy (which meshes well with the Great Weapon Master feat).


Weapon (any ammunition), uncommon (+1), rare (+2), or very rare (+3) You have a bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this piece of magic ammunition.