A True next generation ReShade that will add very precise HDR lighting effects to.


Often when you see new animations play out or new parts of the map loads in you get large fps. Donation Points system.

I forget what the default is, but I changed mine to 100GB.

Feb 25, 2022 · The first thing to check on your PC is for Nvidia users only (sorry AMD players, no news just yet on your option).

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. The root was less optimized shaders were being used that caused performance degradation over time so the fix was. .

. Open Nvidia Control Panel.

From the game list, right-click Elden Ring and select Properties.

In Elden Ring's case, however, the fix comes courtesy of an unlikely source: Valve, the massive company that runs the Steam storefront.

According to Griffais, shader compilation wasn't the biggest of Elden Ring's technical hitches, "Shader pipeline-driven stutter isn't the majority of the big hitches. Fix 4 – Disable Steam overlay.

. Changelogs.

DirectX 12 shader compilation woes strike again.

"The stuttering issues suggest that shader compilation management is poorly handled, with shader code compiled the first.

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Version FX. Initial release. If you haven’t already, you can try to disable the Steam overlay.

May 7, 2022 · the game is capped at 60 but shaders compilation causes stutters and frame time dips translating in frame rate dips. Version FX. This touches two areas of the game: When you hit a loading zone and when new assets show up in the. . . .


. That's awesome, I bought star ocean 6 on steam, loaded the game for.

Feb 25, 2022 · DirectX 12 shader compilation woes strike again.

Because every PC's GPU is different, shader compilation is necessary for games to run on different brands and models of graphics card.

Yes, I think people keep saying shader stutter because it's the hot button issue on PC these days, but there's also a separate issue that persists.

A True next generation ReShade that will add very precise HDR lighting effects to your game, and more! Performance friendly and easy to install.

Nov 20, 2022 · FROM Software – Elden Ring was notorious for shader compilation stutter at launch.